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For Information Please Contact:

Jay R. Meyers
Digital Sales Manager
Phone: 314-213-7408
Email: jay.meyers@tvstl.com

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KPLR 11 is known for trendsetting advancements in media. Living up to its reputation, this Web site is an online leader for local news, enhancing the way viewers obtain information throughout the day. With these advancements, this website creates an ideal platform for advertisers to expand their message to the local resident in the St. Louis metropolitan area. KPLR11.com offers a wide range of exciting new opportunities for advertisers:

Advertisements Will Stand Out

  • Clean lay out and easy navigation
  • Video rich platform which allows for pre- and post-roll positions that will capture undivided attention.
  • Limited advertising space will limit visual competition among other advertisers
  • Quality impressions for a targeted audience

Do you want your advertisement to STAND OUT?Increase Ad Visibility

  • 24 Hour News Coverage
  • Up to the minute traffic and weather
  • Online Community allowing for customization and participation (polls, viewer¬† images/videos submission)
  • Exclusive web content
  • Local and Web search engine

Do you want viewers to see your ad MORE THAN ONCE? Advertise to an audience that can just “stop by”

  • Target the St. Louis and surrounding area
  • Effective consumer targeting
  • Localized content

Be Backed by a Well Respected News Network

  • Popular television shows are aired on KPLR include¬†The Big Bang Theory, Mike & Molly, How I Met Your Mother, The Wendy Williams Show, The Doctors, Jerry Springer, The Steve Wilkos Show, Supergirl, The Flash and News 11.
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