Lionel is the author of “Everyone’s Crazy Except You and Me . . . And I’m Not So Sure About You” (Hyperion).

In addition to his nightly duties (as in seven a week) providing commentary on New York’s heritage 10 PM PIX 11 News and a weekly wrap-up on PIX 11’s Morning News, Lionel provides audio and video podcasts on his website

And Lionel now provides daily commentary on New York’s FM News 101.9 during morning and afternoon drive twelve times a day! Numerologists can see immediately the significance that represents.

He hates magicians and mimes, and in his free time Lionel enjoys spelunking, frottage and making haggis for friends.

This quote from the legendary record producer Jerry Wexler perhaps says it best.

He wears the mantle of Lenny Bruce, with Lenny’s own tropisms: The Oblique, The Irreverent, The Tangential, The Concupiscent, The Polymorphous Perverse, The Arcane, The Numinous. And yet Lionel brings to the table his own savory: A love of the mother tongue and a gonzo vocabulary that puts his logo on all his works, whether talk-show hosting, standup-comic spritzing, or hanging out – with himself a minor art form.

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