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  • Florissant to cancel its contract with Meridian Waste over poor service complaints

    BRIDGETON, Mo. – Bridgeton-based Meridian Waste will lose its Florissant contract after Mayor Timothy Lowery said enough regarding bad service. The city will end the contract on July 1. “We’ve had a lot of problems with Meridian; with their service, waste sitting at the street for many days, and not being picked up,” Lowery said. Mayor Lowery said this was the best thing for the city. “My health department spends a lot of time doing the same thing, dealing with […]

  • Officer shoots domestic violence suspect near Westport

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – A St. Louis County police officer shot a domestic violence suspect Thursday morning near Westport. According to Sgt. Benjamin Granda, a county police spokesman, the shooting happened at 11:30 a.m. in the 2200 block of Congressional Drive. Police were searching for a 31-year-old suspect after a reported domestic violence incident that happened at a home around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in Glasgow Village. They said that the suspect fired a weapon at the mother of his child. […]

  • City removes unprecedented amount of trash from downtown day after Game 6

    ST. LOUIS – St. Louis City woke to a sea of trash Monday morning – the aftermath from tens of thousands of Blues fans partying all day and night downtown. “There’s quite a bit of volume, most I have seen in my career and I’ve been around for 30 years,” said Todd Waeltermann, streets director for the city of St. Louis. “This is the most trash I’ve seen on any single event.” The Blues hired contractors to clean up event […]

  • No crops mean no profits for farmers during ongoing Midwest flooding

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO – The floodwaters have washed away profits for local farmers. One of those farmers, Mike Jones, 72, says this flood is worse than 1993 for a few reasons. Right now, he can only sit, watch and pray that the flood waters covering his St. Charles County farm recede. Right now, he’s just trying to keep the water out of his home. “1993 was bad but I believe this one is worse because it’s staying up longer,” […]

  • Gay couple says O’Fallon, Mo. cafe denied their reservation for rehearsal dinner

    O’FALLON, Mo. – Madison’s Café just off Highway K has always been known as a really good place to eat. It’s one of the reasons why Kendall Brown and her partner, Mindy Rackley, chose to host their rehearsal dinner there. But Tuesday, the couple said they received a call denying their business. “She said, ‘Your spouse is a woman?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘I’m sorry, we’re going to have to refer you to someone else because we don’t condone […]

  • Judge to hear full arguments on Planned Parenthood medical license on Wednesday

    ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer was scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday in Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit aimed at forcing state health officials to renew the facility’s license – only he didn’t. Instead, Judge Stelzer listened to the clinic’s motions to clarify the purpose of the hearing. Stelzer also quashed subpoenas filed by the state attempting to force four doctors to testify in the case. Lawyers for the doctors said in court “that compliance with the subpoenas would […]

  • Parson reflects on his first year in the governor’s office

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Saturday marks one year since Eric Grietens resigned and Mike Parson took over. Republicans and Democrats agree that Parson helped heal wounds, lessened political gridlock, and moved the state forward. “You’ve got to be willing to work and to give and take a little bit in the legislative process to work and get results and that’s what we did and had so much success,” Parson said. The governor has had his fair share of legislative successes. […]

  • Touring the flooded bi-state region

    ST. LOUIS – Bommarito Automotive SkyFox toured the greater St. Louis area Friday morning, providing us with an aerial view to show just how serious the flooding is and how it’s affecting everything and everyone in its path. In St. Louis, the Mississippi River is at or nearing historic river levels. It’s not hard to tell that water is so much higher than normal downtown. Several planes at Smartt Field Airport in St. Charles County were parked as far away […]

  • Carlyle couple upset over proposed truck stop near their home

    CARLYLE, Ill. – Rob and Margarite Sainz have lived at Govenors Run Golf Course for 14 years. They love it. But when they found out four months ago the city had been working with a developer to build what they call a truck stop 30 yards away from their front door, they became scared. “I don’t have anything against business. Not against truckers. But business is not going to generate jobs,” Rob said. “We have four gas stations already and […]

  • Stray Paws Rescue out of money to treat parvo in rescue dogs

    ST. LOUIS – Local dogs like Princess, Emma, Mayhem, and Pepper have been suffering from a parvo infection. Parvo is highly contagious and can kill dogs. While there’s no known cure for the virus, owners can treat the symptoms, which include vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. Without treatment, dogs can become septic and die. “Anytime they get exposed it’s through feces or throw-up when they vomit,” said Jennie Miller, Stray Paws Rescue. Miller said the only real way to prevent parvo […]

  • Local Morehouse College grad overjoyed after having student debt wiped away

    ST. LOUIS – When billionaire investor and philanthropist Dr. Robert Smith announced that he was paying off the all the student debt of the graduating Morehouse College students on Sunday, he changed the lives of nearly 400 young men – one of whom is a St. Louisan. Myles Washington graduated from Parkway North High School in 2015. He said his life changed when his entire college debt was wiped away. Dr. Smith was delivering his commencement speech at the graduation […]

  • Aerial tour of Jefferson City shows widespread damage from tornado

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – There is a ton of clean up left for the people of Jefferson City following a tornado late Wednesday evening. You can see a lot of the damage left behind at the state capitol, like tarps that have been ripped away from scaffolding all over the building. The tornado damage extends in a line southwest from Jefferson City pretty much along US 54. Roofs were torn off the tops of businesses and apartment buildings reported extensive […]

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