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  • Man and woman scam three local tax preparers

    ST. LOUIS – It’s tax season and that means scammers are at work. A man and a woman hit three of Liberty Tax’s locations before the IRS flagged them and the company caught them. Bruce Thompson owns 23 Liberty Tax stores in the St. Louis area. He gives a $50 bill to anyone who files before February 16th. He also gives another fifty dollars for getting a friend to follow suit. “People are hard up for money after Christmas, right?” […]

  • 60-year-old woman killed in collision on Cuiver River Bridge

    LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – A 60-year-old woman was killed after her vehicle was struck by another car going the wrong way on the border of St. Charles and Lincoln counties. Now a family is left to deal with the tragedy. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said the accident occurred at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday on Highway 79 on the Cuiver River Bridge. Cpl. Justin Wheetley with the MSHP said Alonzo Cannon was behind the wheel of a 2008 Dodge Ram traveling […]

  • MoDOT will apply lessons learned from snowstorm to this weekend’s weather

    ST. LOUIS – Round one of our major St. Louis snow is over but round two could come this weekend. The Missouri Department of Transportation is watching the incoming and also learning from what happened last weekend – both the good and the bad. Calling it once or twice event-in-a-century storm, a MoDOT spokesperson said they did a good job clearing roads. But with steady snow falling, highways packed with rush hour traffic, and MoDOT trucks unable to move quickly, […]

  • Missouri’s new attorney general discusses first weeks in office

    ST. LOUIS – Eric Schmitt says being Missouri’s attorney general is a unique honor and really knows the St. Louis metropolitan area well, having grown up in Bridgeton. He says he wants his time in office to be of significance for Missourians. “I want this office to be the envy of attorneys general offices across the country,” he said. Schmitt recruited a couple heavyweights from the US Attorney’s Office. Tom Albus will be his first assistant and Chris Stephens will […]

  • St. Charles County no longer relying on park rangers for security

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – St. Charles County is moving away from their nine park rangers commissioned as law enforcement. Beginning in February, they will use five non-commissioned law park rangers instead. “This will allow us to allow our park rangers to focus on the educational part of the parks, interpretive services that a typical law enforcement officer can’t,” said John Greifzu, St. Charles County administration. “It was beyond law enforcement role.” The change is about creating more public park […]

  • Grant money funding extra Wright City firefighters to run out in February

    WRIGHT CITY, Mo. – Six of Wright City’s 12 firefighters are being paid through a federal grant that runs out February 6. “The federal government allowed us to double the staff from six to 12 firefighters, from two on duty per day to four firefighters on duty per day,” said Chief Ron MacKnight, Wright City Fire Protection District. They cover between 90 and 95 square miles in parts of Warren and Lincoln counties. Chief MacKnight said it’s important the community […]

  • Wesley Bell pushing to expand drug diversion programs

    CLAYTON, Mo. – In his first news conference as St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, Wesley Bell says it’s time to expand diversion programs—rehab programs instead of convictions—for non-violent offenders with addiction and mental health issues. “Programs of this type have been successful in other jurisdictions that prioritize these efforts and St. Louis County can become a new leader in this area,” Bell said. Multiple community organizations have agreed to partner with Bell to take the first steps, including Affinia Healthcare, […]

  • Robots to help girl with immune disorder keep up with classmates in school

    ST. LOUIS – Fox 2/KPLR 11 recently introduced you to a young girl fighting a life-threatening immune disease disorder. But thanks to the Luca Foundation, one aspect of her life will be made a bit easier and more enjoyable. Laila Anderson’s new “double robot” will function as her eyes and ears at school while she prepares for a bone marrow transplant. She’ll be out of school but not away from it thanks to the robot. And that’s exciting for her. […]

  • Bell responds to rumors over proposed child support policy

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Though Wesley Bell has only been the St. Louis County prosecutor for a few days, he wanted to let citizens know that he’s not allowing people who don’t pay their child support off the hook. The new prosecuting attorney said he wanted to set the record straight and address rumors that he and his own director of operations were not paying their own child support. Bell said he just sent out some ideas to see if […]

  • Local business owners lament minimum wage hike

    O’FALLON, Mo. – Jimmy’s Automotive in O’Fallon, Missouri says business is steady now but ownership has no choice but to raise prices to compensate for the state’s new higher minimum wage. “I’m known for having the lowest labor rate in O’Fallon at $85 an hour. Everybody else is averaging $100. I bumped it up to $90,” said owner Jimmy Loveless. With the passage of Proposition B back in November, Missouri’s minimum wage increased from $7.85 an hour to $8.60 on […]

  • Surviving family members coming to grips with St. Charles County quadruple homicide

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Relatives of a slain St. Charles County family are doing their best in coming to grips with the murders. Kate Kasten, 39, her two children, and her 61-year-old mother, were gunned down inside Kasten’s home on Whetstone Drive on Friday, December 28. “We’re definitely having a lot of trouble bringing it to realization,” said Devon Kasten, Kate’s nephew. The accused killer, Richard Darren Emery, is facing 15 charges, including four counts of first-degree murder. He’s […]

  • Champion water skier takes to the Mississippi River for charity

    CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – A former US water ski champion and his compatriots went into the Mississippi River Tuesday for the 33rd consecutive year to raise money for charity. “Back when I was 26 I was more excited,” said Kevin Day, Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association. “I wasn’t scared. I was rejuvenated. Now I’m just fearful because of my age.” Day and his friends raise money for the MDWA, which helps disabled people and wounded veterans gain confidence by going out […]