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  • Man arrested after huge boulder falls off truck, kills mother and daughter

    ROSEMONT, Minn. — Two women are dead after an 800-pound boulder fell out of a dump truck along a Minnesota road Monday, WCCO reports. Joe Czeck, 33, has been arrested and police say he did not stop at the scene of the accident. Karen Christiansen, 67, and her daughter Jena Christiansen, 32, were traveling behind the truck when it went over a railroad crossing and the huge boulder came off, tumbled and struck the family’s car. The women died at […]

  • Jackpot winner who put nephew’s name on ticket ‘for good luck’ now says she’ll sue him

    MARGAREE FORKS, Nova Scotia – It appeared to be a joyous photo op: a 57-year-old Nova Scotia woman and her 19-year-old nephew holding up a check for $1.2 million Canadian ($900,000) they’d won in a fundraising event that helped fire departments around Margaree Forks. But per the CBC, the presser Thursday went downhill soon after the shutter clicked as Barbara Reddick said she’d be taking Tyrone MacInnis to court for his half of the money. “Tyrone is getting nothing,” says Reddick, […]

  • Target offers 15 percent off classroom supplies for teachers

    MINNEAPOLIS – Target is offering teachers a 15 percent discount on select classroom supplies this summer – and the savings start Sunday. The department store announced the move in a post on their blog “A Bullseye View”: “Pssst… teachers. New this year, we’re making life a little easier for you, too, with a special 15-percent discount … For the first time, Target’s offering teachers nationwide 15 percent off select classroom supplies, from pens, pencils, crayons and markers to classroom storage and […]

  • Daughter sentenced for killing father after finding child porn of herself

    MANCHESTER, England – A UK woman has been sentenced to prison for murdering her father and burying him in the garden—but only after she found his stash of child pornography that included images of herself. After pleading guilty to manslaughter, fraud, and false representation, Barbara Coombes received a nine-year sentence this week. UK authorities only learned about the 2006 murder in January when 63-year-old Coombes walked into a police station and confessed, reports the Guardian. Authorities then uncovered the body of […]

  • Obama, Biden now a crime-fighting duo

    Bill Clinton may have helped write a crime thriller this summer, but Barack Obama is now the hero of one—along with his trusty sidekick, Joe Biden. Author Andrew Shaffer is out with a new book called Hope Never Dies in which a fictional Obama and Biden team up to solve a mystery, and it’s billed as the first in a series featuring the crime-fighting duo, per this USA Today review. It is, in the words of Thu-Huong Ha at Quartzy, “a deeply silly piece of fan fiction,” […]

  • Arkansas man wants to stay in jail so that he won’t abuse drugs and alcohol

    ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, Ark.  — This may sound strange, but an Arkansas man actually wants to be in jail. That’s because being locked up stops him from abusing drugs and alcohol. For most, jail is a punishment. For Shawn Henderson, it’s a refuge. The 46-year-old was arrested Wednesday afternoon for throwing rocks through windows at Madison Elementary School. Henderson reportedly told a deputy he wanted to go to jail because he’d be safe and not able to abuse drugs and […]

  • Virginia teen suffers third-degree burns from Giant Hogweed plant

    RICHMOND, Va. – Doctors have discharged a Virginia teenager who received burns from an invasive Giant Hogweed plant. Alex Childress was working a landscaping job clearing vegetation near Spotsylvania on Tuesday when he felt intense burns originally thought to be caused by a sunburn. Childress’ father, Justin, said they later discovered his pain was caused by a brief encounter with sap from the Giant Hogweed plant. “Alex continued working throughout the day once he got it on his face,” Justin […]

  • Death penalty sought for couple charged with murdering 3-year-old daughter

    OGDEN, Utah – The state of Utah filed a notice Tuesday stating they are seeking the death penalty in the case of a couple accused of murdering their 3-year-old daughter and trying to conceal the injuries with makeup. Miller Costello and Brenda Emile were arrested in July of 2017 after the couple’s 3-year-old daughter was found dead.  Police said at the time there was evidence of abusive trauma. Authorities also removed a younger sibling from the couple’s home. The pair […]

  • Father on the run after attacking wife with chainsaw in front of children, police say

    WHITTIER, Calif. – Police are searching for a Southern California man who allegedly attacked his wife with a chainsaw in front of their children then fled on Wednesday. Officers responded to reports of a domestic violence incident at the couple’s home in the 7700 block of Milton Avenue in Whittier around 3 p.m. and found the woman suffering from traumatic injuries, according to the Whittier Police Department. Neighbors said the victim ran out of her home, screaming for help. “I heard people […]

  • PayPal tells dead woman she is ‘in breach of contract’ because she died

    “You are in breach of condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit as we have received notice that you are deceased.” That’s the very real message a British man received three weeks after informing PayPal of his wife’s May 31 death from cancer at age 37. “What empathy-lacking machine sent this?” Howard Durdle, 40, first wrote on Facebook, sharing the letter threatening legal action over Lindsay Durdle’s $4,200 debt, which her widower says her estate couldn’t cover, per Inc. “As soon as […]

  • Preschooler wrote own obituary before dying of rare cancer

    VAN METER, Iowa – For nine months a set of parents from Iowa watched their son battle a rare form of pediatric cancer. Last week, 5-year-old Garrett Matthias died. Once doctors told the family Garrett’s cancer was terminal, they knew they could not put off learning of how their son wanted to be remembered. “We never necessarily talked about his funeral, so we never had the conversation with him that he was going to die but we had a lot […]

  • Father of six killed in hit-and-run crash in front of his family

    NEW YORK — A New York City father of six was killed by a speeding SUV in a hit and run that happened right in front of his family. Tyquan Wilkerson, 29, was struck around 2 a.m. on Sunday, according to WPIX. The car — described as a dark-colored cross-over or medium-sized SUV — kept driving, while Wilkerson lay mortally wounded in the road. Wilkerson was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead hours later. Wilkerson’s family said they […]