Glenn Zimmerman is the Chief Meteorologist for FOX 2 News. He has been forecasting weather in St. Louis for over 30 years. Watch for his forecasts on Fox 2 News at 5pm, 6pm, 9pm, 10pm, and 11pm.

Glenn has college degrees in Broadcast Journalism from Kansas State University, and Meteorology from Saint Louis University. He is a father of 5, with two grandkids and 3 grand dogs.

When he doesn’t have his head in the clouds, he is into photography, music, and has competed in several triathlons.

Recent Articles
  • Mississippi River smashes record for consecutive days at flood stage

    ST. LOUIS – The Mississippi River has broken the record at St. Louis for the number of days above flood stage. The Mississippi River at St. Louis has been at or above flood stage for 107 consecutive days, topping the previous record of 104 days set during the Great Flood of 1993. The record was confirmed Monday by the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service. The river rose above flood stage, which is 30 feet in St. Louis on March […]

  • How much snow are we going to get this weekend? A lot more

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. — We have a major storm.   There is a Winter Storm Warning for St. Louis and surrounding counties through Sunday.   Now that we are in the middle of this, a couple of things to note: Moderate snow will continue into the early morning hours. The fact that this storm started about five hours earlier than what we thought…we have updated the potential storm totals We are looking at 6-8” by Saturday morning…then another couple of inches through the day Saturday. Totals […]

  • Glenn Zimmerman’s 2018-19 long-range winter forecast

    ST. LOUIS – Climate scientists get a little edgy when you ask them about specific events like a white Christmas or even if December will be colder than February. And those are the things you want to know, right? I’ve been forecasting weather here in St. Louis for 30 years, so I’ve seen some things, some patterns. So, I guess it’s time for me to take a stab at this inexact science thing we call weather prediction. Ladies and gentlemen: […]

  • Rain in the forecast Wednesday and Thursday; may prolong floods

    ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – There will be plenty of sunshine Tuesday. The temperatures will be warmer, but windy. Highs are forecast to be in the upper 60s. Rain is in the forecast Wednesday and Thursday. That is not welcome news for those dealing with rising flood water. There will be a moderate rain event Wednesday and Thursday should bring 1-2 inches of rain to the area. There will be no thunderstorms, all rain. The small streams and creeks will come […]

  • Fall Back: Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – This is the weekend daylight saving time ends. “Spring forward, Fall back.” So when you go to bed Saturday night, turn your clocks back one hour. While you are at it, it’s a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Excessive Heat Warning issued for St. Louis, surrounding counties

    (KTVI) – The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory until Sunday, August 24th because of extreme temperatures over the next several days. The Heat advisory includes all parts of the St. Louis viewing area including counties east and west of the city. Temperatures are expected to be in the 90s with head indexes up to 107 degrees.    The Weather Service says the high heat and humidity can be dangerous for the elderly, young children, and those who […]

  • Heat index above 100 degrees Monday; scattered storms expected overnight

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The National Weather  Service has issued a Heat Advisory for most of the day Monday. Temperatures will be in the mid 90s, but humidity levels will push the heat index over 100 degrees.  Monday is expected to be the warmest day of the week as well as the warmest day in June. Forecasters are watching for scattered rain and storms Monday evening and tonight.  It’s all part of a strong cold front that will push through […]

  • Cards should still get Opening Day game in, despite some rain

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Rain continues to revolve around an area of low pressure that is tracking south of St. Louis. We will be on the fringe of the rain for much of the morning. There is no severe weather expected, nor are there any heavy storms expected. The storms are centered on Arkansas and are headed east and northeast. Be prepared for rain into the early afternoon. Some dry time will work in this afternoon, and we will […]

  • Glenn Zimmerman explains the 4 stages of a tornado

    (KTVI) – Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman explains the four stages of a tornado and how they might apply to the situation in University City, Missouri Thursday. Find out more about tornadoes: NOAA: Online Tornado FAQ NOAA: Tornado Life Cycle NOAA: Severe Weather Spotting NOA: Fujita Tornado Damage Scale

  • Recap of the storm rolling into the St. Louis region

    (KTVI) – Meteorologist Glenn Zimmerman takes a look at the storm as it rolls into the St. Louis region. Take a look at this clip for the complete review and the 6-hour radar loop.

  • Storms begin rolling across St. Louis area; more expected Thursday

    (KPLR) – Thunderstorms rolled across the St. Louis area early Wednesday morning, but it won’t be the only storms we see this week. The rain started to fall just before 2 a.m. with isolated downpours in some areas. Showers and storms will be the mode for the next couple of days. Heavy downpours and isolated severe weather could be in the mix, too. Look for temps to stay mild with 60s and 70s into Thursday afternoon. Check the latest radar […]

  • Freezing rain hits just in time for morning rush hour

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A wintry mix hit St. Louis Monday morning just as rush hour was starting. Freezing rain Monday morning created a glaze on all surfaces, including the roads. Temperatures started out below freezing and lasted several hours, so rain falling was freezing on surfaces and icing things up pretty quickly. Many surfaces are still slick, hour later. Be careful walking out the door Monday morning because that freezing rain has created a glaze on sidewalks and […]

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