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  • Awww… Local puppies tweet for A-B’s “Puppy Love” Clydesdale Super Bowl campaign

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Anheuser Busch’s ads are always some of the most highly anticipated of the Super Bowl. The commercial called “Puppy Love” has been out for a few days, showing the bond between the Clydesdales and the puppies. While that commercial was shot in California, some local four legged friends were busy making some videos for a Twitter campaign. Puppies from Southern Paws Rescue in Maryville, Illinois spent a day earlier this week shooting spots for Anheuser-Busch’s […]

  • Pope Francis on Same-Sex Marriage

    Pope Francis has held his position for less than a year, but he’s already shown he’s quite different from his predecessors. He has made comments about gay rights that have reverberated around the world.  The Pope has said, “if a person is gay and accepts the lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge them? He also made used the word gay when church officials previously had used the word ‘homosexual. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick says, “this is how the […]

  • Legroom vs. Wi-fi: Which would you rather have on a flight?

    St. Louis, MO (KPLR) More legroom versus faster wi-fi, which would you rather have on your next flight? A study by Honeywell Aerospace polled three thousand adults and found that almost 90% would give up an amenity on the flight like extra legroom or a better seat just to have more reliable wi-fi connection. The study concluded that the results show there is a major shift in the definition of passenger comfort while flying.

  • Oprah Talks to Linday Lohan about Rehab

    St. Louis (CNN) — Sunday night marked the first time we’ve heard from Lindsay Lohan since her most recent stint in rehab, in her eagerly awaited pow wow with Oprah Winfrey. In the course of an hour, there was some “pow” and a bit of “wow” for those of us used to seeing the young actress as a troubled starlet. Lohan appeared coherent and comfortable answering questions on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” where she started out being clear that she wanted […]

  • Survey: How long should adult kids live at home?

    (KPLR) – The recession made it harder for college grads to find a job and go out on their own. A new survey asked how long is too long to live with your parents? Coldwell Banker Real Estate asked more than 2,000 Americans that question. On average, Americans believe four years is too long to live at home.  Millennials, those between 18 and 34 said it was OK to live at home up to five years.

  • Alec Baldwin Apologizing for Tweet

    (CNN) –  After lashing out at a Daily Mail reporter on twitter,  Alec Baldwin has offered an apology. Not an apology for his message, exactly – he’s still not pleased that the Daily Mail published a report alleging that his wife Hilaria had been tweeting during Thursday’s funeral service of actor James Gandolfini. But the 55-year-old is sorry that his tweeted outrage – which included calling the journalist a “toxic little queen,” among other comments – has been perceived as […]

  • School Snacks About to Get Healthier

    St. Louis (CNN) Candy bars, doughnuts and regular potato chips will become scarce in schools under new federal rules released Thursday, replaced by healthier options such as granola bars, trail mix and baked chips. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new “Smart Snacks in School” nutrition standards represent the first nutritional overhaul of school snacks in more than 30 years. The regulations set limits for fat, salt and sugar sold in places such as vending machines and snack bars. School foods […]

  • Supreme Court Ruling Limit Voting Rights Act

    Washington (CNN) — A federal civil rights law that has stood for generations will be tougher to enforce after Tuesday’s ruling by the Supreme Court. In a 5-4 vote, justices limited the historic Voting Rights Act of 1965, which Congress passed during the height of America’s volatile civil rights movement. The court struck down a part of the law that uses a federal formula to determine which states and counties must undergo U.S. oversight of their voting procedures to prevent […]

  • National Company Drops Paula Deen

    (CNN) — Paula Deen has been dropped by a major sponsor, Smithfield Foods, after it came to light last week that she admitted using a racial slur in a lawsuit deposition. The deposition was part of a suit filed by Lisa T. Jackson, a former general manager of one of Deen’s Georgia restaurants, for sexual and racial harassment while working for Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers. The announcement comes as another harsh blow after Food Network announced on Friday […]

  • Supreme Court Rules on Affirmative Action

    Washington (CNN) — The Supreme Court sidestepped a sweeping decision on the use of race-conscious school admission policies, ruling Monday on the criteria at the University of Texas and whether it violates the equal protection rights of some white applicants. The justices threw the case back to the lower courts for further review. The court affirmed the use of race in the admissions process, but made it harder for institutions to use such policies to achieve diversity. The 7-1 decision […]

  • Seasame Street’s New Character has Father who is in Jail

    (St. Louis, MO) KPLR  Sesame Street does it again…and taking on those tough issues. The children’s tv series is expanding its “Little Children, Big Challenges” series by introducing Alex, a Muppet whose father is in jail. Alex is part of sesame workshop’s online tool kit aimed to help kids understand and cope with parental incarceration. It’s also a tool to help caregivers talk about the subject with children. Some find the character a bit odd… but one in 28 american […]

  • License, Registration, Cell Phone; New Bill Proposed in NJ

    (CNN) — You’ve been in an accident. The police officer goes through the normal drill, asking for your license and registration. Then she goes a step further. “Could I have your cellphone, please?” she says. The New legislation proposed by a New Jersey state Sen. James Holzapfel would let cops confiscate cellphones if they have “reasonable grounds” to believe that the driver was talking or texting when the wreck occurred. Officers would be required to return the phone after thumbing […]

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