John Brown is the News/Political Analyst/Contributor and Public Affairs correspondent, responsible for leading participation in and coverage of local and regional political matters for FOX 2 and KPLR 11. This includes coverage of political campaigns, legislative and public policy initiatives and issues, and local public affairs and community issues. He will also serve as host/moderator of current affairs and other long-form news programs.

He returned to St. Louis and the FOX 2 News team in 2016, after hosting “Good Day Orlando” on Fox 35 (WOFL) for five years. Prior to his original post with FOX 2, John was the host of “The Daily Buzz,” a nationally syndicated morning news-talk show based in Orlando. He began his career in radio in Miami and also hosted a talk show in Pennsylvania.

John is a native Missourian who graduated from Central Methodist University with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He was ready to begin medical school in 1994, but followed his passion for news instead. His university research project, “Cancer and Radiation: Causation and Correlation” was published by the Missouri Academy of Science, “Cancer and Radiation: Causation and Correlation.” He also worked on his Master’s Degree at St. Louis University and Barry University in Miami.

John does extensive public speaking and is the author of two history books, “Missouri Legends: Famous People from the Show Me State,” “The Ultimate Missouri Trivia Book.” He has also served as emcee at numerous pageants, including the Miss Missouri Pageant.

John is married and has two daughters. He is an avid runner, has competed in dozens of marathons and half-marathons. He enjoys playing with the kids, all outdoor activities, and studying history and architecture.

Recent Articles
  • St. Louisan helping transplants settle in the city, connect with locals

    ST. LOUIS – The outsiders versus locals issue is such a big deal in the greater St. Louis area that one man launched a business to help people relocating to the region. He’s trying to help St. Louis transplants while also teaching us, the locals, things we may be doing wrong and hindering the city’s growth.

  • Is this a time to buy or sell a house the St. Louis market?

    ST. LOUIS – This is normally the time of year when people stop paying attention to the housing market because things typically go quiet. But not this year. The housing market is getting a lot of attention, and it’s not just low rates driving the conversation. Amanda Alejandro, the President of The Realty Shop talked with John Brown about the state of the real estate market in the St. Louis Metro Area.

  • Meet the Illinois man restoring vintage Ford Broncos

    HAMEL, Ill. – When you think of the most expensive luxury vehicles, the old Ford Bronco probably isn’t top of mind. But these vintage vehicles are suddenly the hottest vehicles at auto auctions and selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fox 2’s John Brown gives us a look at why they are suddenly so valuable.

  • State Auditor Nicole Galloway explains why she’s running for governor

    ST. LOUIS – Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway is the only Democrat and the only woman to be elected on a statewide ballot. She hopes that her success thus far translates into a win for the highest elected office in Missouri. Galloway announced that she was running for governor in August. She says that her candidacy is entirely focused on giving “working families” a voice in Jefferson City. “If you are a well-connected insider in Missouri, you pretty much get what […]

  • Twitter account once owned by Russ Carnahan commandeered by young girl

    ST. LOUIS – A young girl from China has some of the biggest political heavyweights, journalists, and news organizations in Missouri following her Twitter page. At least, it appears to be run by a young girl from China, who often poses in bunny ears and other outfits generated by social media filters. So why are all these people following her? Because she has the Twitter handle @russcarnahan, the handle once used by the Missouri congressman. If you do a Google […]

  • Mercy St. Louis Hospital hosts blood drive to fight pediatric cancer

    CREVE COEUR, Mo. – Every day across the globe, nearly 700 children and teens are diagnosed with a type of childhood cancer. That’s more than 250,000 children a year worldwide. So September is set aside for Childhood Cancer Awareness month so more people can understand what these families are facing and hopefully raise awareness and money to help fight these deadly diseases. Mercy St. Louis Hospital in Creve Coeur is hosting a blood drive all next week from Monday through […]

  • Blues’ unbelievable run playing out like a Hollywood script

    ST. LOUIS – St. Louisans are still on cloud nine after the Blues’ dramatic victory in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. Many people have said that this season is playing out like a Hollywood script. You may have seen John Brown’s viral post from Tuesday night about what that script would look like. Here is a look at this most unlikely story, that may be even too bizarre for Hollywood fairy tales.

  • As Stenger awaits sentencing, Jeff Smith says what he might expect in prison

    ST. LOUIS – Life behind bars is difficult no matter what your background. But when you are a successful politician who ends up facing prison time, a whole new set of challenges presents themselves. Former State Senator Jeff Smith can attest to that but says there is life after lockup and you need to be ready to handle it all. Smith burst onto the St. Louis political scene more than a decade ago by running for Congressman Dick Gephardt’s seat. […]

  • Busch Stadium II seats in Indiana warehouse

    ST. LOUIS – Busch Memorial Stadium (aka Busch Stadium II) was demolished after the Cardinals’ 2005 season. Generations of fans sat in those seats, watching Cardinals legends like Ozzie Smith, Bob Gibson, Mark McGwire, and others win title after title. Much of the old building is gone but plenty of memories remain. But this story begins at a pub in Florida, when a friend said, “You’re from St. Louis, right? My uncle has all the seats out of Busch Stadium […]

  • Local attorney explains indictment against Former County Executive Steve Stenger

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO – St. Louis attorney Jay Kanzler was on-set with Fox 2 anchor John Brown Monday evening to discuss the indictment and charges former St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger is facing in federal court. Stenger was indicted this past Thursday for a pay-for-play scheme and is facing three counts of honest services bribery/mail fraud. If convicted, each charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. One of the questions to be […]

  • St. Louis hosts Disney shareholders meeting

    ST. LOUIS – St. Louis played host to one of the most high-profile corporate meetings on the planet Thursday. Executives from all over the world—and Disney fans—were glued to the news coming out of the Walt Disney Company’s 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, which took place in downtown St. Louis. And when you have some corporate mergers pending, big movie openings, and huge additions to theme parks, all eyes were on St. Louis. It’s one of the few shareholders’ meetings that […]

  • Local CEO says future of business is caring for your employees like they’re your kids

    CLAYTON, Mo. – One of the most successful and fastest growing companies in the St. Louis-area is a name you may recognize but know little about. The Barry-Wehmiller Company is transforming its workforce while also transforming business as we know it. And it all starts with Bob Chapman, the chairman, and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, who says that all business success starts with how you treat the people who work with you. The world headquarters for Barry-Wehmiller is based in Clayton, […]

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