John Brown is the News/Political Analyst/Contributor and Public Affairs correspondent, responsible for leading participation in and coverage of local and regional political matters for FOX 2 and KPLR 11. This includes coverage of political campaigns, legislative and public policy initiatives and issues, and local public affairs and community issues. He will also serve as host/moderator of current affairs and other long-form news programs.

He returned to St. Louis and the FOX 2 News team in 2016, after hosting “Good Day Orlando” on Fox 35 (WOFL) for five years. Prior to his original post with FOX 2, John was the host of “The Daily Buzz,” a nationally syndicated morning news-talk show based in Orlando. He began his career in radio in Miami and also hosted a talk show in Pennsylvania.

John is a native Missourian who graduated from Central Methodist University with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He was ready to begin medical school in 1994, but followed his passion for news instead. His university research project, “Cancer and Radiation: Causation and Correlation” was published by the Missouri Academy of Science, “Cancer and Radiation: Causation and Correlation.” He also worked on his Master’s Degree at St. Louis University and Barry University in Miami.

John does extensive public speaking and is the author of two history books, “Missouri Legends: Famous People from the Show Me State,” “The Ultimate Missouri Trivia Book.” He has also served as emcee at numerous pageants, including the Miss Missouri Pageant.

John is married and has two daughters. He is an avid runner, has competed in dozens of marathons and half-marathons. He enjoys playing with the kids, all outdoor activities, and studying history and architecture.

Recent Articles
  • Concern over Medical Marijuana Amendment 3, has some questioning where the money will go

    Three issues regarding Medical Marijuana are on the November ballot.  One of those Constitutional Amendments is controversial because of how it`s structured and where the money would go if passed.  Amendment 3 has been getting criticized by public policy groups, health advocacy organizations, and even lawmakers.  But the driving force behind the proposed Amendment says there is a lot of misinformation floating around. Dr. Brad Bradshaw, a trial attorney, and physician from Springfield, Missouri, helped write the ballot language and […]

  • Voters to choose between 3 ballot issues on medical marijuana in November

    Voters in Missouri will have a lot to decide on Election Day, November 6th, including the possible legalization of medical marijuana.  There are three ballot issues on the ballot that deal with medical marijuana.  All three could pass, but only one will become law. In Missouri, and around the country, medical marijuana has been gaining support. In fact, 31 states now have some form of marijuana legalization, and Missouri could become number 32.  Missouri State Representative Shamed Dogan of Ballwin […]

  • Man rescued from trench collapse thanks first responders

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A man who was trapped in a trench in south St. Louis County this past May had a chance to thank the first responders Tuesday. Carl O’Hearn said he was working in a trench for the Metropolitan Sewer District when the ground began to cave in, along with slabs of concrete crashing down around him, badly damaging his leg. O’Hearn said it happened quickly and there was not much he could do to avoid getting […]

  • President Trump Granite City steel mill wrap up

    GRANITE CITY, Ill. – President Donald Trump was back in the St. Louis area Thursday showcasing a factory that he says is benefiting from his tough trade stance on China. “After years of shutdown and cutbacks, today the blast furnaces is blazing bright…and we are once again new american steel into the spine of our cuntry”, said the president. The president spoke at Granite City Works where an estimated 800 people are heading back to work. Trump says the fact […]

  • Kids from Variety the Children’s Charity get a preview of the new Gateway Arch museum

    ST. LOUIS – The new Gateway Arch museum is getting closer to being unveiled to the public. On Monday, some children from Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis had a chance to put it to the test. “I’ve never been here before, so I’m like, ‘ooooh yeah,” said Mackenzie Sanders, Variety kid. The Gateway Arch museum doesn’t open to the public until July 3. More than 30 Variety kids got a preview. “It`s pretty cool to see the colors and what they’re […]

  • ‘Americas Got Talent’ winner Neal E. Boyd dead

    Neal E. Boyd, an opera singer who won NBC’s reality competition series “America’s Got Talent” in 2008, died Sunday, authorities tell CNN. He was 42. Boyd died at his mother’s house in Sikeston, Missouri on Sunday night, according to Scott County Coroner Scott Amick. He had heart failure, kidney failure and liver problems, the coroner said. Boyd won Season 3 of “America’s Got Talent,” earning the favor of judges David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne with performances of “Somewhere” […]

  • Understanding the impeachment process in Missouri

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Now that the first charge against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has been dropped, his attorneys are now focusing on their preparation for the upcoming House hearings in Jefferson City that could ultimately lead to his impeachment. And now we know how the governor’s Kansas City-based attorneys for this legal proceeding are preparing. They want to have some input into how those hearings proceed in the House. Their hope is that they can stop a vote for […]

  • Retired politician John Danforth decries lack of moderates in Washington

    ST. LOUIS – St. Louis native John Danforth has seen it all when it comes to politics. He has been the Attorney General of Missouri, a US Senator, and an ambassador to the United Nations; well-liked and respected by both parties. Danforth was the quintessential political moderate who was able to bring diverse voices together and get things done in Washington D.C. But he says the divisive politics of today are pulling us apart, which is a dangerous situation for […]

  • The new game of politics – Why social media is so important on the campaign trail

    The Illinois gubernatorial election is coming up in November of this year. But if you ask many people in the Metro East or downstate Illinois, it certainly doesn’t seem like it. Politicians used to come to the small communities in downstate as part of their election barnstorming. But this year, the top candidates have spent very little time in southern Illinois. Part of the reason is the power of Chicago politics. The other parts taking the blame range from social […]

  • St. Louis native flies back to Germany to be reunited with family dog

    ST. LOUIS – Joey, a 9-year-old beagle and Australian shepherd mix, was supposed to fly to the United States to meet up with his family last week. But Joey is still in Germany. Now his owner has flown back to Europe to try and figure out how to get his pet here to the US. Joey’s human, John Macenulty, is originally from St. Louis but had been living in Germany for the past year. When Macenulty and his wife decided […]

  • New roller coaster opening at Silver Dollar City next week

    BRANSON, Mo. – If you’ve been to a theme park in the past few years, then you know that roller coasters are getting more extreme. But a coaster opening next week at Silver Dollar City is getting worldwide attention because it is truly a one-of-its-kind coaster. Time Traveler is one of a kind for several reasons, including the “first drop” and the “spinning carts.” Brad Thomas, the General Manager of Silver Dollar City says this coaster is a game changer […]

  • Branson has become destination place for tourism

    BRANSON, Mo. – This is the time of year when we start thinking about vacations and finding someplace new and exciting to go. For the past few years, the New York Times puts together a list of 52 places to visit for that year. On the exclusive list for 2018 is a place only four hours from St. Louis. And for people in Branson, who have seen their small town grow into a world-class destination, this latest ranking is validation […]