Former Circuit Attorney investigator fears misleading special prosecutor in deposition

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ST. LOUIS - A deposition tied to the failed prosecution of Missouri’s former Governor went forward today despite a last-minute fight to stop it.

A judge early this morning denied Anthony Box’s court motions for a delay. Today he answered questions about his former colleague William Don Tisaby. Tisaby faces a perjury indictment for his role taking down Eric Greitens.

Anthony Box declined to comment this afternoon when we asked him about his attempts to get a judge to intervene.

Box wrote in his court motion late Friday that he testified for more than two hours before a Grand Jury in April 2019. During his GJ testimony, he said he was “…unconstitutionally denied access to his attorney by (the special prosecutor) who subjected Mr. Box to hostile, oppressive, and intentionally confusing questioning...”

If the judge wouldn’t agree to a delay, Box requested to review his earlier testimony because “Memories fade and recollections dim, which makes it more likely (today’s) testimony will be unintentionally inaccurate.”

Box told the judge it’s now been nearly two years since the events surrounding the failed prosecution of then Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, and that it was so publicized and politically charged that “…these allegations of perjury against a former investigator are strong additional justification for Mr. Box to do all he can to reduce his own risk of prosecution for perjury.“

Minutes before today’s deposition was scheduled, the judge said “no.” No delay and “no”, the witness cannot review his Grand Jury testimony. Up next is the St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner herself who is scheduled for a deposition Wednesday.

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