Following murder conviction, Pam Hupp said she was satisfied not taking responsibility

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ST. LOUIS – Pam Hupp’s feelings about her June 19 murder conviction are captured in jail phone calls obtained by Fox 2 News.

Hupp spoke with her husband Mark almost every day from the time she was arrested more than three years ago. They knew they were being recorded. Sometimes, Mark even warned his wife people were listening to them.

Shortly after her arrest for the August 2016 murder of Louis Gumpenberger, Pam Hupp found out O’Fallon police had tracked her movements via her vehicle OnStar system.

Hupp told her husband by phone she didn’t believe it.

After Hupp’s January 2017 arraignment, she claimed to her husband there was evidence on her side.

After the judge's April 2017 decision to pick an out-of-town jury, Hupp said her lawyer, Kim Freter, called it their first victory.

After a June 8, 2018 hearing, Hupp ridiculed assistant prosecutor Phil Groenweghe after he said, “This is a woman who went all over St. Charles County looking for someone she could set up and make a fake 911 call so she could execute the person while they were on the phone with 911.”

This is what Pam Hupp told her husband about it later that night.

She ridiculed the judge after her June plea deal.

No one from Hupp’s family ever appeared at her hearings. Pam and Mark talked about why.

On June 19, Hupp took a special Alford plea, which meant she only acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict. The next day, she told her husband how satisfying it was to not take responsibility for the murder.

Because of Hupp’s plea, she cannot file an appeal for her life sentence. She’s currently at the Chillicothe Correctional Center.

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