Imo’s adds QR codes to pizza boxes with special prize for smartphones

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ST. LOUIS – They're the square beyond compare and now they’re adding new technology with your take-out order.

At Imo's Pizza headquarters in downtown St. Louis, they are prepared for Wednesday evening, one of their busiest nights of the year.

“I think a lot of people come in from out of town. Whether it's college students or family, what's the first thing you do is go to Imo's,” said Nick Palank, marketing director for Imo's.

On Monday afternoon, the Imo's guy was showing off an advanced pizza box with a QR code for an experience with your Imo’s.

“A lot of people are playing on their phones more and more these days ordering on their phones," Palank said. "This is a way for people to have fun that are already on them. It pops up a little snow globe of the Imo's guy and a house and delivery car. It's neat to see. You can zoom in, take pictures, and share with your friends and family."

The red wearing Blues fan is one of a few things you'll see in this Pokemon Go-inspired pizza box.

“We took a QR Code, QR technology, and placed it on the Imo's box, so if you have an updated iPhone or Android you can scan that and it will open up the augmented reality," said Josh Sample, operating partner at Drive Social Media. "It has a hidden snow globe with Santa going over the Arch. Really gives you a fun, festive experience."

The new red boxes mark the first time Imo’s has changed the colors of its pizza boxes. They'll be showing up in St. Louis in December.

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