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Korean War veterans reunite after decades apart

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. - Two Korean War veterans reunited in south St. Louis County after more than 60 years apart. The old friends picked up right where they left off.

Al Nadolny and Dick Witham were photographers for the US Army during the war. They bonded over their shared interest in taking photographs. When the men returned from the war, their friendship continued to develop. However, over the years, the communication broke down.

"He got married, I got married. I had four girls and he had a son and we kind of just lost track of each other," Witham said.

Witham said he never forgot about his best friend and often thought about him over the years. Nadolny said he tried to track down Witham several times with no luck.

A few years ago, Witham's daughter asked him about his time overseas and if he kept in touch with anyone he served with. Witham said, unfortunately, he had lost touch with them.

"I said, 'There's one in particular that I would love to see,' and she said, 'Well, who is that?' and I said, 'Al Nadolny,'" said Witham.

Witham's tech-savvy daughter wasted no time. She immediately pulled out her phone and began to search for Nadolny's name.

They found three names and quickly narrowed it down to one. Witham called the number but got a voicemail, so he left a message.

"It really was a blessing that I got (the message), you know, because he's one of my best friends," Nadolny said.

Once the men connected on the phone, they spent three hours catching up.

"We had a lot to talk about," said Witham.

On Friday, Witham traveled from his home in Ohio to St. Louis to reunite with his old friend after 62 years. The two spent hours looking through old photos and catching up.

They hope to plan another visit in the future.

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