Doctor details what’s ahead for President Carter’s recovery after is most recent fall

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ST. LOUIS - When we first saw President Jimmy Carter celebrating the 93rd birthday he attributed his longevity to eating and selling peanuts from the time he was 6-years- old.

“Eat peanut butter and peanuts and you`ll live as long as we do,” said Jimmy Carter.

But, two years later, just weeks after his 95th birthday the former president has fallen for the third time this year.

“This was a pelvis fracture, another common fracture you get just by falling on your behind and causing all the pressure in your pelvic area,” said Dr. Tim Pratt, Chief Medical Officer SSM Health St. Clare Hospital.  “This is the third time recently he`s fallen and that`s not uncommon.  As we know the greatest risk factor is a previous fall.  So, we would expect people to fall once to fall again.”

Dr. Tim Pratt is Chief Medical Officer for SSM Health St. Clare Hospital in Fenton. He`s a geriatrician who knows what`s ahead for the former president who refuses to slow down.

Weeks after a hip replacement Carter was back at his Sunday bible study at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, and working on a habitat for humanity project in Nashville at the beginning of October.

Dr. Pratt says rest and rehabilitation is most likely ahead for the former president.

“There was an older patient of mine who was up dancing at 107,” says Dr. Pratt.  “She kept moving and that`s the big thing.  So, the muscle skeletal thing we can change.  Again, activity or dancing, all those activities that keep that.  I frequently send people to physical therapy for balance.”

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