Alderman defends installation of decorative street lights in front of abandoned buildings

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ST. LOUIS - A St. Louis alderman has come up with a plan he says will brighten the deal for your decorative street lights.

The You Paid For It Team grilled St. Louis Aldermen Jeffrey Boyd on the million dollars he spent for decorative lights in an economically depressed north St. Louis neighborhood.

In the past, a lot of the lights were just in front of abandoned buildings in the troubled area. But now, Alderman Boyd is demolishing a lot of the abandoned buildings. And now you have a lot of decorative lights in front of vacant lots.

He says the lights were put there to help residents see better. But you've already got regular street lights.

Residents in the area didn't seem too impressed saying the lights haven't made very much difference as far as improving the area goes.

Alderman Boyd calls the $1 million you spent on lights a bargain for taxpayers.

You can reach Alderman Boyd's office at 314-622-3287.

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