Fighting crime in St. Louis in the spotlight again

ST. LOUIS - Missouri Governor Mike Parson is returning to St. Louis tomorrow to outline a crime-fighting plan.

Meanwhile, city leaders are discussing how to move forward with a crime prevention program already on the table.

Governor Parson`s return to St. Louis comes after he had multiple meetings and conversations with Mayor Lyda Krewson and others about combating crime.

Parson will be back in St. Louis to detail what has come out of those interactions.

The Governor`s office is revealing that Parson will hold several follow up meetings tomorrow with leaders including Mayor Krewson.

Then he will unveil what his office calls 'several of the state`s immediate action items to help fight crime in the area.'

“The meeting was about asking the Governor for state resources- people, equipment, technology, and funds for social service programs. That`s what the meeting was about,” said Mayor Krewson about her meeting last week with the Governor at City Hall.

She added, “What we`re expecting to hear tomorrow is exactly what the state is prepared to bring forward.”

News of the Governor`s visit came as city leaders considered the 'Cure Violence' program at a City Hall meeting.

Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed wants to spend $8 million for 'Cure Violence'...which puts resources into neighborhoods impacted by crime.

There was no final action but city leaders did approve an additional $1.5 million for crime prevention programs including 'Cure Violence.'

“The reason this is going to work is because it gets at the core of what`s happening in our city. It allows us to get on the front end of what`s happening in our city opposed to just being a response unit,” said Reed.

Some like City Comptroller Darlene Green believe $8 million is too much for just one program.

Green explained, “Eight million puts all your eggs in one basket- everyone knows that. You don`t want to put all your eggs in one basket. There are other kinds of programs.”

Krewson added, “I think we`ll get some help from our state and tomorrow we`ll find out exactly what that is.”

Details of what exactly the Governor will announce tomorrow are still unclear.

Reed says his $8 million-dollar figure would fund 'Cure Violence' for three years.

A major committee hearing on Reed`s Cure Violence bill is set for next Tuesday.

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