St. Louis County puts Bi-State on notice over funding, as political feud heats up with St. Clair County

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CLAYTON, MO - A multi-million-dollar funding battle over Bi-State may be brewing between St Louis and St. Clair Counties.

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said a change in Illinois law means St. Clair County will have twice as many votes on the Bi-State Board as St. Louis County

Yet, he said, St. Louis County pays for more than 50 percent of the funding to keep buses and trains moving.  St. Clair chips in only 17 percent.

The change in law means St. Clair can veto anything it doesn’t like.

County Executive Sam Page Tuesday night was not happy, “I’m concerned St. Louis County is providing a significant amount of revenue for Bi-State but we really don’t have enough impact on say concerning decisions.” Page said he and the county council will be watching St. Clair County closely.

A huge battle could be brewing between St. Clair County and St. Louis County.

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