Hundreds turnout for opening of Piazza on The Hill


ST. LOUIS – An exciting day on The Hill as the long-awaited Piazza Imo is unveiled.  Hundreds came out to see the Italian styled square that’s now open to the public.

“It’s great to see all these people out here. It’s awesome,” said a visitor.

“We were pretty sure that there would be a lot of people here because the people on the Hill have been very excited about this Piazza but it’s more than we could’ve ever dreamed of. The Piazza so beautiful,” says Margie Imo.

Hundreds turn out for the unveiling of the new Piazza at Wilson and Marconi on the Hill, but before they opened the hand-crafted iron gates there was a prayer service across the street at Saint Ambrose to bless the special place.

From a vacant lot to community space overflowing with people, the transformation is a representation spirit here.

“There’s a real sense of family and community here. You know what’s funny, we used to live across the street and one of those houses when we were first married. We started our married life here. I wish we would’ve had the Piazza then,” says Edward Imo.

A place for all people to unite, Italian or not.

“We can all come together as a family and see each other. Go get a beer down at Milo’s or ice cream or go to church and then come over here and just relax,” says Tina Crouppen.

If you want to come out to the Piazza and throw a penny in the fountain it’s open every day from 8 a.m. until dusk.

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