More allegations against Angie Housman’s accused killer

ST. LOUIS – Another former employee of Earl Cox is coming forward to share what she says he did to her as a teenager.

Cathy McKenzie worked for Cox's siding company when she was a teenager in the summer of 1996 and 1997. She called him a pervert.

McKenzie, who now lives in Nevada, said Cox would stand on ladders to look up girls’ shorts as they were handing siding.

Cox is accused of kidnapping and murdering Angie Housman 25 years ago. Housman was 9. Her killer was never found until Cox's arrest a couple of months ago.

Police got a DNA match on Housman's underwear. Cox was never on investigator's radar as a potential suspect.

Now several women have come forward to say they weren't surprised when Cox was arrested. A group of teenagers who grew up in Ferguson would work for Cox in the summertime to make extra cash. McKenzie claims one day Cox grabbed her and threw her to the ground. She said he told her, "that's how fast someone could take you.”

Those words now haunt her after she learned of Cox's alleged connection to Housman.

Housman was killed three years before McKenzie and others worked for Cox.

McKenzie said she now wonders how close she came to being taken as well. She said she was able to fight off Cox because he knew her father was a police officer. She can't remember if she told her father what happened all those years ago but said she left and never went back to work for Cox after that day.

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