Kids set example for others at St. Peters flood debris clean up

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ST. PETERS, MO - Kids gave up their Saturday morning and set an example for adults while cleaning up trash left by flood waters in St. Peters. Dozens of children joined the cleanup effort at the 370 Lakeside Park. In May, flooding closed the park. When the waters receded, trash was left behind in the high grass of the levee. The levee forms a grassy hill that nearly surrounds the park.

Mark Neville is a volunteer and an adult. He was thrilled to see so many kids come with their families to help.

"They could do anything, and they choose to come out and help the community. To see our children here today is just awesome. It's really great to see that."

Dina Grieshaber came to the park with a lesson plan for her kids.

"You live in a community. You live in a world. And, you deserve to help out."

It looks like her 12-year-old daughter listened.

"I hope to learn that when there's something going on in your community, that we can all come together and help."

Grieshaber has eight-year-old twin boys, Tony and Zach. They acknowledged that grabbing garbage can be fun.

"That and helping my community clean this up." Zach said.

While the army of families took the hill hiding all that trash, Tony had feedback for the kids who chose to sleep instead of help.

"They're too lazy."

Maybe they just didn't know how much fun trash and volunteering can be.

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