St. Louis Zoo future north campus, Old Jamestown Mall both discussed at North County Town Hall Meeting

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - Hundreds of people came out to a town hall meeting on Monday night to receive updates on the St. Louis Zoo North Campus and a variety of other topics. Members of the group also asked questions about the future of the old Jamestown Mall.

Staff with the St. Louis Zoo announced they will have community input sessions during the late summer months or early fall, in order to get feedback from the community on the project. They said they have already been gathering community feedback and have just finished their education research, where they talked to parents, teachers, district superintendents and much more.

Another topic that was brought up at the town hall meeting was the future of the old Jamestown Mall. Several members from the St. Louis Board of Economic Development spoke about the topic and said the first order of business is to secure the property. They said when they arrived at the building recently they discovered some people were inside who weren't authorized to be there. They said within the next few weeks the brush should be cleared from the area.

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