Contact 2: Flood Damaged Cars Flooding the Marketplace

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TROY, MO - For all her beauty, Mother Nature again showed the St. Louis region her ugly side. Choosing between precious and practical can be problematic, especially when you`re forced to leave a vehicle behind.

“Doesn`t take a trained eye to see some of the damage that`s evident here,” said Tommy Rogers, owner of TNT Auto Source in Troy, MO.

Rogers says flood-damaged vehicles are flooding the marketplace.

“We actually pull the carpet up and the whole underside of the car is just full of water. Everything is rusted. Seat brackets are all rusted. Unfortunately, there was a report run on this car, it didn`t show any flood damage,” added Rogers.

“Many times they are inaccurate and there are many flaws on those types of reports,” said Jay Grossman, founder, and CEO of iAuto Agent.

He warns flood damage isn`t always noted on vehicle history reports, so you must know what to look for.

'These things are like computers now. You put a little bit of water in your computer that`s what it does and that`s what it does to a car as well,” said Grossman.

Be aware of a moldy, musty smell, interior water stains, visible rust to interior metal and faulty electronics. A good detail can hide a lot.

“If the engine looks brand new and the car is 15 years old, that`s a warning sign,” said Rogers.

He and Grossman recommend getting an independent mechanic to inspect the vehicle before you buy it.

“If they won`t let you take the car to your trusted mechanic, they`re hiding something,” added Rogers.

And now that you know what to look for, you`ll be better prepared to protect yourself from flood-damaged cars hiding on local lots.

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