Standing water keeping Creve Coeur Airport from reopening

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Traditionally, you don’t have to travel by boat to get to your hanger to travel by air but the pilots at Creve Coeur Airport do.

Standing water has been crippling this airport for months and there has been little sign of improvement.

Hydrologists have been forecasting for the river to recede, which it has been; but dropping levels and a hopeful forecast have only proved to be a glimmer of hope.

With standing water not going down, wildlife, moss, and mold have been causing damage to the airport office, hanger, and airplanes.

Once the levels go down enough, the runways, museum, and other operations will begin as normal. They have brunch here every Sunday and the first Sunday the water is out, they will be back open. And they are excited to do so.

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