City of Glendale to do away with weekly fogging for mosquitoes

GLENDALE, Mo. - The city of Glendale announced it is doing away with its long history of weekly fogging for mosquitoes. It is in an effort to care for the area's honey bee population and other insects.

The city said prevention is the best form of mosquito control. They said it only takes a small amount of water to hatch dozens of mosquitoes and that the regular dumping of standing water and routine cleaning of gutters can make a big difference.

Fox 2 News spoke to Nicole Miller-Struttman Ph.D., an assistant professor at Webster University. She said the news is exciting and that this information is something the scientific world has known about for a long time.

The city of Glendale said it's starting a new contract for mosquito control services and that once a month, the county will treat creeks and storm basins with a product that will prevent the mosquitoes from developing into adulthood.

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