Leftovers taste better the next day, studies show

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Some things only get better with time including many of your leftover meals.

According to The Institute of Food Technologists, favors can be enhanced when they sit overnight because of chemical reactions that make the food more tender,  juicier and tastier.

The best leftovers tend to be made from meats, beans or vegetables where fresh herbs or seasonings have time to soak into the foods. It’s suggested to “not” reheat in the microwave but to warm the leftovers in an oven or skillet.

It is probably best to reuse the leftovers within three to four days because ground beef is a high moisture food with a pH above 4.6. One additional day will probably not be too risky for many leftovers, but it is best to use cooked ground beef within four days or less as recommended by the USDA.

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