Esteemed—not steamed—blue lobster arrives in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – Since the beginning of May, this town that sees red in the summer has been all about the Blues. And the stories extend beyond the hockey team.

Take the blue lobster for instance.

The owner of Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar on Cape Cod decided to gift a unique blue lobster to the new St. Louis Aquarium currently under construction inside Union Station.

On Friday, that lobster landed in its new Midwest home.

The blue lobster is 11 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds. The lobster is estimated to be about 7 years old. They can live up to 100.

A lobster’s traditional green-brown coloration helps camouflage them on the ocean floor. Their color depends on the proteins their pigment binds with.

And, like St. Louis, this particular lobster bleeds blue. Their blood contains hemocyanin, which contains copper.

As a thank you to the Boston restaurant, the St. Louis Aquarium sent 150 cups of blueberry Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

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