Three staffers suspended at St. Louis County jail after latest death

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ST. LOUIS - Sperate incidents at the St. Louis County and St. Louis City jails have sparked investigations into jail protocols.

In the county, three jail staffers have been suspended after the death of an inmate. According to our partners at the Post-Dispatch a nurse refused to come to the inmate's cell after he complained of pain.  An autopsy showed that inmate died of a perforated ulcer.

He was the fourth inmate to die at the county jail this year.

County executive Sam Page said he's appointing new members to a board to advise county officials about the jail. The board will including a doctor, a clergy member, and a former inmate.

In St. Louis city a woman being released from the justice center was trapped for two days in the building after making a wrong turn.

Jailers had told her to take the elevator to the first floor, make a right and walk out the door. Instead, she got on the elevator pressed all the button and ended up on the fifth floor. The women then went through an emergency exit door into a stairwell and all the doors locked behind her. The emergency alarm was disabled at the time because of work that was being done to the building.

The woman finally made enough noise that jailers found her. Officials have now changed their procedures so that they escort released prisoners from the jail.

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