Father hopes movie will inspire others to help children struggling with school

ST LOUIS, MO - A Local dad held a screening of his movie "Tough Love Show," on Monday after he went viral in 2017 for holding up a sign at an NBA game with a message to his son. Tommy Tucker II, held up a sign in 2017 that said: "Thomas, get your grades back up and next time you'll be here, Love, Dad."

Tucker told Fox 2/News 11 he put the movie together in hopes of motivating another family who is going through a similar situation. He said his tough love paid off and now his son is on the honor roll. He said he wanted people to leave the film feeling inspired to never give up on a struggling child. Dozens of people came out for the screening at Tivoli Theater at the Delmar Loop.

Once Tommy's son got his grades up, he said the two went to two NBA games in one day to celebrate.

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