Neighborhood residents upset after finding out suspect in Housman case near st. Ann

ST. ANN, Mo. - After Earl Cox, the suspected killer of Angie Housman, was released from the prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, he moved to the St. Ann area where court records indicated he was accused of assaulting more children. They also indicate he may have been very familiar with schools and parks in the area.

It was November 18, 1993, around 4 p.m. when Angie Housman was last seen alive getting off her school bus on Wright Avenue.

When Earl Cox got out of prison he took up residence on Wismer Street in Breckenridge Hills, that was in 1988. Court records indicated it’s about a ¼ mile from where Angie disappeared.

We drove that route and it only took us minutes to get from Cox’s former home to Angie’s bus stop. People who live near that school bus stop were relieved police have made an arrest.

Angie’s school, Buder Elementary is located on Baltimore in St. Ann just behind the school is Mort Jacobs Park. Earl Cox was charged with sexually abusing two girls at the park in 1989. The charges were later dropped and Cox’s parole was revoked and he returned to prison. Bobby Kiefer lived in the area when Angie was abducted. He said if Cox is found guilty he knows how the suspect should be sentenced. Kiefer said, “It’s too easy to put him to death I think they ought to throw away the key.”

Finally, Earl Cox’s sister lives on Lesmer, which is only a few homes east of Angie’s school. We don’t know if Cox visited his sister but the possibility makes neighbors feel a little uneasy. Resident Charlene Armilio said, “It’s frightening it’s just frightening. I have two daughters of my own and a little granddaughter to know I live in a neighborhood that had any connection to that story is very scary."

At one-point, Earl Cox also lived not far away in Ferguson.

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