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Stray Paws Rescue out of money to treat parvo in rescue dogs

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ST. LOUIS – Local dogs like Princess, Emma, Mayhem, and Pepper have been suffering from a parvo infection.

Parvo is highly contagious and can kill dogs. While there’s no known cure for the virus, owners can treat the symptoms, which include vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

Without treatment, dogs can become septic and die.

“Anytime they get exposed it’s through feces or throw-up when they vomit,” said Jennie Miller, Stray Paws Rescue.

Miller said the only real way to prevent parvo is to get your dogs vaccinated. However, she said they’re now seeing puppies that have been vaccinated come down with parvo.

“For some reason over the past three years, parvo has been more prominent now,” Miller said.

Stray Paws Rescue said everybody needs to vaccinate their dogs and that’s not all.

“Don’t take your dog, don’t take your puppy to places where dogs are going until you know they have a good immune system,” Miller said, adding that owners may want to wait up to a year before introducing their pet to other dogs.

Stray Paws has been fighting the good fight but is out of money.

“Unfortunately, we do need funds to totally operate,” Miller said. “All our money has gone to the parvo pups.”

Of the eight dogs treated at Stray Paws Rescue, five have shown no signs of infection and have been placed in foster homes. However, the other three dogs were not symptom-free but Stray Paws ran out of money and the foster homes took them in any way.

Stray Paws Rescue helped rescue several dogs from parvo back in December thanks to donations from the public.

You can make donations to Stray Paws via PayPal.

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