Aerial tour of Jefferson City shows widespread damage from tornado

Data pix.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – There is a ton of clean up left for the people of Jefferson City following a tornado late Wednesday evening.

You can see a lot of the damage left behind at the state capitol, like tarps that have been ripped away from scaffolding all over the building.

The tornado damage extends in a line southwest from Jefferson City pretty much along US 54. Roofs were torn off the tops of businesses and apartment buildings reported extensive damage. But it’s not just apartments. Homes in some of the more populated areas of the city were hit hard.

The tornado was so powerful, several streets were completely blocked by trees torn from their roots and strewn about the city.

Just a short distance from the homes sits Adkins Stadium, home of the Jefferson City Jays. The Missouri State Track Championship was supposed to be held there but had to be moved due to damage at the track and stadium.

The local Sonic Drive-In is all ripped apart and unrecognizable.

Not far away, half of the Riley Chevrolet Car Dealership collapsed. Cars inside the dealership and on the lot were tossed about and flipped over.

There was significant damage at the local Special Olympics building, which will require major repairs.

And a storage facility housing RVs was devastated; the RVs were crushed with debris and thrown.

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