Tuesday’s storm damages trees, leaving debris on roads around Augusta MO

AUGUSTA, MO – Tuesday’s evening storm certainly did a lot of damage if not create a mess in Augusta Missouri.  Residents in the historic town in the wine country of Missouri directed a Fox 2/News 11 crew where plenty of debris was on the road.

While driving to the Augusta a Fox 2/News 11 crew saw several fire crews on Highway 94 starting to clear debris from the road.  Firefighters were using chainsaws to cut down trees, and limbs cover the road.

Residents and firefighters were doing the same at Highway 94 and Schuelsburg Road.

Traffic was backed up as people were still trying to get home after the storm, finding travel hampered by trees and other debris on the roadways.

While the storm packed a powerful punch, no loss of life has been reported.

Many residents along with city and county officials will have to wait till Wednesday morning to fully assess the damage from Tuesday night’s storm.

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