Parents uneasy following Holt High School lockdown

WENTZVILLE, Mo. - A social media threat with a very specific time aimed at Holt High School students. The school was never evacuated but it was placed on lockdown.

Wentzville police are investigating but parents are uneasy and think more needs to be done to keep this from happening again.

"This is the fourth threat that I know about in the last two weeks," said a mom of a freshman.

She said something needs to change. She asked us not to reveal her identity because her son goes to Holt High School

"As a mother, am I going to be able to live with myself for the rest of my life if something happens? You hope for the best. I just feel like we can do better, we have to. I don't know the answers but I'm willing to try and chime in."

Investigators identified more than 40 students who received a threatening message via social media.

"I don't feel we are doing enough. We're being reactive, not proactive. I don't know if we need metal detectors, or more counseling, ask the kids what they need, why is this happening so much in our school district."

The lockdown was lifted around noon after Wentzville police searching the school.

"I feel like there should be a committee and meetings about this. How long are we going to be lucky? How long until something happens?"

Law enforcement gave the all clear after they searched the schools. They said no weapons were found and no one was arrested.

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