Adorable rescue video: ‘Fire helmets can hold a maximum of 10 ducklings’

LITTLETON, Colo. (KCNC) – South Metro Fire Rescue helped reunite some stranded little ones with their “very worried mother” this weekend — using some of their standard equipment in an adorable way. The firefighters pulled up in their tower truck and found a mother duck anxiously pacing near a storm drain at South Park Lane and Canal Court on Sunday.

They lifted the grate, one man went down into the drain and gathered up her ducklings in a fire helmet.

“Confirmed – Fire helmets can hold a maximum of 10 ducklings,” South Metro officials tweeted.

A firefighter lowered the helmet to the ground by their waiting mother and they all hopped out, one after the other. When they were all together again, their mother waddled off with all ten ducklings in tow.

By KCNC Staff

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