Unmasking the Imo’s guy

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ST. LOUIS - He was the man dressed in red sitting behind the Blues bench during game two in San Jose. Now he’s gearing up for game 3 here in St. Louis.

He is the St. Louis sensation that showed up at the San Jose during game two of the western conference finals.

“When the players reacted and the light went off because I couldn`t see the puck go into the goal.,” said Nick Palank, Marketing, and Advertising of Imo`s.

Viewers who watched the St. Louis Blues win Monday night were treated to the sight of a masked avenger in the stands.

“Found some tickets online and thought let`s have some fun with this. My brother lives in la and he met me there and we just had some fun represented the brand,” said Palank.

While not claiming to be a superhero, he explained what it was like wearing a red bodysuit with a mask, “covers your head your face so I’m seeing red the whole game. People were like how does he breathe in there, so I can`t see clearly. I`m on my phone. My brother was my social media secretary for the night. So as close as you are, I’m right there I couldn`t see much.”

And whether he`s our modern-day rally squirrel or just a guy in a bright red suit who loves where he works, either way, look for the Imo`s guy to make another appearance during the playoffs.

“Yes, I was a little nervous about that because I wanted it to be a secret. I wanted everyone to guess. I don`t have a face, you can`t see my face, so I represent every Blues fan that`s right there literally behind the team supporting them.”

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