Lawyer for St. Charles man charged with animal abuse says he was a good student with no criminal history

ST. PETERS, MO - Some people living in 20-year-old Kaine Loudazer’s St. Peters neighborhood told Fox2/News 11 Monday, they are not happy that he's out of jail.

“I’m surprised that he’s out this quick,” said Doug Custer who lives in the Huntington Creek neighborhood.

“It has kind of put things into a tense situation actually you know?” said another neighbor, Tim Weber.

Louzader was arrested just a few doors down from them, Friday.  He is charged with animal abuse.

Police said he bought or got for free, dozens of cats and kittens off of Craigslist then killed and mutilated them.

“It’s disturbing,” Weber said.

“I don’t understand what makes people’s brains work that way,” said Custer.

Louzader’s attorney, Eric Boehmer said he is surprised by this case.

“This kind of came out of the blue,” said Boehmer, “no criminal history, no previous allegations of similar behavior. He had good grades in school.”

Louzader worked at Mercy Hospital in St. Charles.

In a statement to Fox 2/News 11, the hospital said:

“As soon as we learned of the charges, we immediately suspended his employment with Mercy. He has since resigned. He is no longer employed by Mercy.”

Fox 2/News 11 inquired further and asked if the hospital is investigating Louzader's conduct with patients but they didn`t respond.

Boehmer said that his client is being evaluated for his mental health.

“He will be on house arrest,” Boehmer explained, “he will be confined to his parents’ house to monitor him, to keep an eye on him and will have a GPS electronic monitoring.”

The Humane Society of Missouri advises people adopting out pets, to use extra care. 

“The use of entities such as Craigslist definitely are not a good idea to find a new home for a pet,” said president, Kathy Warnick, “because they do not vet the prospective new owner.”

The prosecuting attorney’s office told Fox 2/News 11 that more charges are possible as detectives continue to investigate. 

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