Wentzville neo-Nazi gang member pleads guilty in ‘patch-burning’ case

Getty Images

ST. LOUIS – A Wentzville man pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday for his role in an assault involving neo-Nazi gang compatriots, US Attorney Jeffrey Jensen said.

The defendant, Daniel Jerome, filed a plea agreement in which he admitted to being a member of the Aryan Circle gang.

According to court documents, Jerome was involved in an attack on a fellow gang member on November 9, 2013 in Jefferson County. Jerome admitted to participating in a “patch-burning,” which included assaulting the victim and removing the victim’s gang tattoo with a burning log.

Prosecutors said the Aryan Circle is a race-based, multi-state organization that operates in and out of state and federal prisons in Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, and elsewhere in the United States. The gang was established in the Texas prison system in the mid-1980s.

Jerome, 31, will be sentenced for the assault on August 7, 2019.

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