Lincoln County residents moving belongings to higher ground as flood waters creep closer

Data pix.

WINFILED, MO - In Winfield, Missouri people have learned painful lessons from past floods. That’s why some of them are very prepared when the Mississippi River overflows its banks.

Water was moving down Highway N towards Winfield at a rate of about 50 yards in 3 hours. One family raised their home several feet after the great flood of 1993. It would take a repeat of that disaster to damage the home now.

Nearby the McMillian family rents a house with a wall around it. Linda McMillian was worried when the flood was forecast, but her fears have since washed away, “At first I was but now I’m not (worried). They told me it wasn’t going to get me. I’m protected hopefully,” said McMillian.

Across the street, Tony Pena says if predictions hold true the inside of his house will remain dry. The same does not hold true for the basement, he’s sure it will get wet. He’s making last-minute preparations, “I’m going to sandbag these windows. I got everything out of the basement. I turned the furnace off and try to keep the water off the electric box,” said Pena.

In nearby Foley, a few people were sandbagging while many were packing up. Gary Madaus was removing equipment from his shed, it’s likely to go under. Gary was transporting all of the contents to higher ground.  For the moment he believes is home is safe, “Take it up to a buddies house and higher ground and stay home until they change flood stage. We’re going to stay because right now it’s not going to be deep enough or high enough to get in the house,” said Madaus.

Meanwhile, farmers’ fields have turned into lakes, as the water continues to creep towards homes and businesses.

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