Non-functioning elevators force residents to climb flights of stairs

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Residents living in a downtown apartment complex told Fox 2/News 11 they haven't had a working elevator in two weeks.

They said getting up and down multiple flights of stairs has been hard on the elderly and disabled residents who live at Art Loft on Washington Avenue. They said some residents have to walk up 10 flights of stairs multiple times a day.

A handful of residents told Fox 2/News 11 besides this two-week stretch, that the elevator has been in and out of service for months on end. Management told Fox 2/News 11 that a part was on the way and the elevator would be repaired by the end of the day on Thursday. Management did not respond to Fox 2/News 11's e-mail asking if there were any other working elevators in the building.

Staff with the city told Fox 2/News 11 on Tuesday they believed the freight elevator was working, but residents told us it isn't working either. 

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