St. Louisans gather to condemn violence against religious centers

CREVE COEUR, MO - People of many different faiths are gathering in St. Louis this weekend in the wake of a shooting at a synagogue in San Diego.

“You know it’s unfortunate that we have to get together as often as we do for incidents like this,” says Asif Umar, Imam at Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis.

Yet another attack on a religious center has the faithful of St. Louis gathering together despite their different creeds.

“There’s an overwhelming sense of unity. We are ready to show that we are not going to be defeated and we’re not going to be separated from each other,” says Leslie Scoopmire, a Priest at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church.

“It’s important as a community for us to come together and say that we are not tolerating hate and by having various peoples from different congregations coming together the world sees that we stand against violence and hatred and we can do better,” says Nancy Solomon Desloge, an attendee.

So Pastors, Rabbis, Imams, Preachers, and many others gathered to condemn this violence, we’ve seen all too much of lately, in San Diego, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Pittsburg among others where so many innocent lives were taken.

“The common strand that they had is that they all went to houses of worship, house of peace, to find a better way of living their lives. They go to that place because they want to improve that day and make tomorrow better. What happened is that they were denied that opportunity to make tomorrow better. What we need to do then is to use their lives as a mandate for all. The living need to remember them by making tomorrow better,” says Ronald Eichaker, a Cantor and a Rabbi.

He says it starts with small acts of kindness for neighbors, friends, loved ones, and even strangers.

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