St. Louis aldermen refuse vote on port authority measure for MLS stadium funding

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ST. LOUIS – Securing a Major League Soccer team in St. Louis means finding the additional funding to build a stadium. After the board of alderman wouldn’t vote on a bill to expand the city port authority to help fund stadium on Monday, St. Louis soccer fans might be wondering what’s going on.

“I still think we're on track and looking at additional ways to help the funding gap,” said Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed.

Reed said using the port authority as a way to fund the stadium was just one of many avenues the city could use. He said some aldermen worried the bill would have given the port authority power of eminent domain over the city.

The board of aldermen will start looking at other options on Tuesday.

Reed said he doesn’t think the lack of a vote will hurt the city’s chances at landing a team or send the wrong message to the league.

“I certainly hope it does not. It should not. The city has been committed and will remain committed to soccer in the city of St. Louis,” Reed said.

Major League Soccer owners are scheduled to meet in Los Angeles later this week. They could possibly decide at that time between St. Louis or Sacramento as the next city to be awarded a franchise.

“It will make a massive difference in our economy,” Reed said. “We have a great ownership group that put together an extraordinary plan and the city of St. Louis has made our intentions clear about what we are planning to do.”

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