Two recent fatal accidents have motorcyclist calling for driver awareness

KIRKWOOD, MO - Warmer temperatures have more people taking their motorcycles out for a spin, but it’s been a dangerous week after two riders have died in crashes.

Missouri's motorcycle community is mourning the loss of two of their own.

Phillip Bruno with Doc’s Harley Davidson knew one of them personally, “Our hearts go out to the families and friends.”

Two fatal motorcycle accidents within the span of a week is a stark reminder of how dangerous the road can be.

“I actually shared them with my husband and my son saying 'You've got to be watching because they are not watching for you,'" said Brandy Lee, a rider.

Thomas Lee says he’s been riding for more than 30 years and has gotten in some accidents where he’s been thrown off his bike. These days he takes a lot more precautions.

“I’ve been in four accidents and thank God I was wearing all my stuff, but imagine how it would’ve been if I wasn’t,” said Lee.

Bruno says while it’s very important to keep an eye out for motorcycles, you should keep an ear out too, especially during daylight hours.

“Make sure your turn signals, brake lights, and front lights are always visible,” said Bruno.

Whether you are driving a motorcycle or a car, position your mirrors to help you see in those blind spots.

“Even though you have those nice sensors that can tell you when somebody’s in your blind spot, please do make sure that you’re turning your head around and checking to see if there is a motorcyclist in that spot,” said Bruno.

Bruno says they offer learn to ride classes which can be helpful whether you’re experienced motorcyclist or is it your first time out on the road.

“You’re gonna learn about the bike but you’re going to learn scenarios out on the road and make you a better rider overall," said Brent Knight, a new rider.

Whether you drive on two wheels, four, or more, we could all pay a little bit more attention out on the road.

“Just to act like everybody out on the road is your family. You just have to be mindful; pay attention to the road. The eating, talking to people in the car, cellphones, it’s all really distracting. Just stay focused on where you want to go, cause you want to get there alive," says Lee.

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