Suspected purse thief strikes again in south St. Louis County

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. – A suspected purse thief in south St. Louis County has apparently struck again; this time, at a small business in Oakville.

Rose Byrne, owner of Rosie’s Doggie Day Care, recently shared security video from her business to Facebook after she heard from other people that a purse thief looks remarkably similar to a woman who stole purses from their businesses.

An employee at the doggie daycare had her purse stolen Wednesday afternoon.

"It’s very frustrating and very intrusive,” Byrne said. “You kind of feel like this should be a safe place, you know, for you and your employees. You don't expect that it's going to happen."

The surveillance video shows a woman alone near the front door of the business. She looks around as if she’s looking for security cameras before reaching over the front desk to grab a purse.

The thief’s actions are similar to that of a woman who stole a purse from a hair salon in Crestwood in early March and it may be the same woman who, in late March, stole a purse from an office inside the Bud Dome, a youth baseball club in south county.

At Rosie's Doggie Day Care, the employee who works the front desk had just stepped away from a couple of minutes to take a dog to the groomer. When she returned to the front of the business, her purse was gone.

“When I came back up I noticed that my purse was gone and I was like, ‘Did I set it somewhere else,’ you know? And I'm looking around and I said, ‘No, I don't think I did,’ and so I called Dave and Rose and said can you check the cameras and see, I think my purse was stolen," said theft victim Dawn McKiddy.

According to police, a suspect was arrested last month but the woman apparently posted bail and was released.

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