Singer Erin Bode to pay tribute in concert to 11-year-old she met through Kids Rock Cancer

ST. LOUIS – Local singer-songwriter Erin Bode will perform a special tribute at her upcoming concert Thursday night at Sheldon Concert Hall.

The venue, built in 1912 with its 702 seats, is known for its perfect acoustics. Which is a good fit for the pitch-perfect Erin Bode and her vinyl album release.

“People will get to hear all the songs from the album,” she said. “We’ll be joined at the beginning of the concert by the Kids Rock Cancer therapists, who are playing songs written by the late Arianna Dougan. They’re being collected on an album and they’re also being released. So whenever I release new music, I think you should have a party.”

Bode will celebrate the release of her new album ‘Here and Now’ on vinyl and she’ll join friends and family in celebrating the life of Arianna Dougan.

“Arianna, before she passed away, had an opportunity to work with Kids Rock Cancer. She worked with a music therapist to write songs.,” said Lori Zucker, Arianna’s mother. “Her first song was when she was four years old. So she wrote 13 songs and she had the idea to do the album. And it was her idea to record the songs and sell it. And the proceeds will benefit Kids Rock Cancer.”

Maryville University’s Kids Rock Cancer music therapists and Bode helped Dougan create her very own album.

“And the first time I got to do anything with Kids Rock Cancer was at their benefit at the Sheldon and I was teamed to sing with Ari,” Bode said.

Dougan passed away in November 2017.

“The fact that we have her voice and her songs and her feelings and emotions to keep and keep listening to,” Zucker said. “When I’m having a bad day … I listen to my daughter tell me I can get through it, which is everything.”

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