Fairview Heights teacher wins $500 for service to school, community, and country

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A Fairview Heights teacher has won $500 for the work he’s done for his school, community, and country.

Bob Monroe teaches Language Arts and Speech at Pontiac Junior High School, of the Pontiac-William Holliday School District #105. Kelly Monroe said that Mr. Monroe had had such a huge influence on her son that she decided to nominate him for KPLR’s Tools For Teachers award of $500 from Weber Chevrolet for the month of March.

In her nomination, Ms. Monroe described how Mr. Monroe used donations and some of his own funds to implement an open seating environment in his classroom. She went on to say that Mr. Monroe sponsored a fundraiser to help provide toys to children in hospitals and that he coached “Let Me Run,” a nonprofit wellness program that helps boys learn teamwork, cultivate friendships, raise their self-esteem, grow emotionally and live an active lifestyle.

On top of all that, Mr. Monroe gave up numerous weekends to serve in the Air National Guard, Ms. Monroe said.

“We are very grateful for all he does for the school, community, and country, and we want to show him how much we appreciate him!” she wrote in her nomination.

Ms. Monroe and Mr. Monroe joined KPLR 11 Friday, March 29 so that Mr. Monroe could receive his $500 award.

If you would like to nominate a local teacher for our Tools For Teachers award, click here.

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