Alabama gas station robbery turns into knife fight

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Two people were arrested Saturday afternoon after an attempted robbery.

On Sunday, Huntsville police confirmed Laney Nicholson, 33, and Seth Holcomb, 32, were arrested after attempting to rob the Conoco on Pulaski Pike.

Authorities said Holcomb entered the gas station and started to buy something, going back and forth to his car several times before pulling a large knife on the clerk and demanding cash.

Holcomb tried to leave the store but authorities said the clerk auto-locked the door and pulled a bigger knife, a machete, on Holcomb.

Authorities stated the two parties got into a knife fight, tearing up much of the store in the process.

According to investigators, Holcomb threw an object through the front door to escape. The clerk ended up fighting with the Nicholson, who had her own knife and damaged the alleged perpetrators’ vehicle in the process. While that was going on, police said Holcomb went back inside the store to retrieve the cash drawer from a register.

Holcomb and Nicholson drove off, and Huntsville Police stopped their vehicle and detained both without any further incident a short time later.

Amazingly, no serious injuries were reported.

Workers at the store declined to speak to WHNT News 19 about what happened.

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