Wind leaves behind damage, nearly blows away a day care worker

ST. LOUIS – Wind caused widespread problems in the St. Louis area on Thursday, including power outages and downed trees. Surveillance video from the Happy Spirit daycare in the Central West End shows worker Jasmine Joseph being blown off the ground.

“I never would’ve thought I went that high,” said Joseph as she looked at the surveillance video.

Coworkers now jokingly call her Mary Poppins and The Flying Nun. Joseph is just relieved she can joke about what could have been a much more serious outcome.

“I didn’t land on the fence or go over the fence and hit the concrete ground,” she said. “I don’t have a broken bone or anything. I don’t even feel any pain or a scratch or nothing. I’m perfectly fine.”

Wind also knocked a tree into Darryl Craig’s north St. Louis home on Glasgow.

“It kept knocking the brakes down and as they kept knocking, they kept falling and got worse and worse,” said Craig.

Wind damage was also visible in south St. Louis. Some debris from an abandoned property on Utah Street near Missouri Avenue spilled out onto the sidewalk.

“I grew up in the neighborhood edit one time it was two nice buildings,” said nearby resident Rick Cavanaugh.

He hopes the property will either be restored to what it once was or removed as soon as possible.

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