New Prospect Yards development will connect SLU campuses in Midtown

ST. LOUIS - The first university west of the Mississippi River has reached another first: a massive, mixed-use development is coming to the corner of Grand and Choteau in Midtown.

“This has been something we’ve been working on the last few years,” said Brooks Goedeker, executive director at St. Louis Midtown Redevelopment Corp.

Goedeker said it stemmed from a 2017 campus master plan at St. Louis University.

The Prospect Yards development will be a big connector for St. Louis University’s Medical and Midtown campuses. It’s taking a current vacant piece of property in Midtown and bringing a lot of amenities and needed services to the area.

“We did a nationwide search for a development group and decided on a company located out of Peoria, Illinois,” Goedeker said. “This will be their third project in St. Louis. Most people know them from the streets of St. Charles development.”

This will be a similar but denser project than the streets of St. Charles. It will host restaurants and retail and office space as well as residential and hotels.

Construction on the new Prospect Yards district won’t begin until work is completed on the new SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital, sometime in 2020.

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