Back to Nature project aims to round up bush honeysuckle to help plants

ST. LOUIS, Mo -- Green is great for St. Patrick's day , except when we're taking about bush honeysuckle. This invasive plant is a real pest, but you can fight back this weekend and help one of St. Louis' most historic parks get back to nature.

MDC community conservation planner Josh Ward has all the details about bush honeysuckle and the Back to Nature project at O'Fallon Park.

Bush honeysuckle is such a problem because it crowds out forest plants and prevents native plants from growing, it greens up earlier in spring than native plants and can shade them out of sun, and it provides little benefit to wildlife like native plants can.

It has no natural controls, and spreads unchecked here in the United States. It grows fast and forms dense thickets, but now is a great time to attack it because it stands out from the native plants.

The O'Fallon park honeysuckle sweep is this Saturday, 9 a.m . - noon and will meet at the O'Fallon park Rec Complex. Free breakfast is provided.

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