Saturday’s storm topples tree onto St. Charles County home

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO - As rain and high winds rolled through the area Saturday, a St. Charles County woman considers herself lucky to be alive after a tree falls on her home.

The woman says it was a close call as she was just feet away when the tree came crashing down.

Nancy Mehlhouse says Saturday around 3 p.m. in the 400 block of Allen she looked up and could see the branches from a large tree in her yard coming through the roof of her carport.  “It was freighting, and it was really scary. It's a big tree. You know you don't realize until a tree comes out of the ground how big it is,” said Mehlhouse.

Mehlhouse says it was an incredibly close call when she heard the first cracks and groans from the tree, “The winds were kicking up and I heard a loud sound it was like the tree was uprooting from the ground and made a loud boom, I jumped.”

The St. Charles County resident was in her kitchen and could have been crushed, “It could have hit me, or my son and it could have went through the house if we did not have the carport and we are counting our blessings,” said Mehlhouse.

Melhouse is glad the rest of her house was not damaged, but now the clean-up begins.

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