Godfrey woman frustrated over sewage backing up into her home

GODFREY, IL - The saturated ground along with the heavy rains we had over the weekend caused problems all over the St. Louis area.

In Godfrey, Illinois a homeowner had to deal with a smelly mess.

Three inches of raw sewage flooded Amanda Twichell's home, and this is not the first time.

Twichell says her home sits in a valley and all of the water and sewer runoff from her neighborhood collects in her yard and then floods her basement.

This time in ruined furniture, clothes and her children's toys.

“I called, they said that was more of a liability for the Godfrey Sewer Department and I when I reached out to them, every time I call them, well will get the problem solved or they`ve even told us it`ll take millions of dollars to fix there`s nothing we can do,” said Amanda Twichell, homeowner.

Twichell contacted the Godfrey Sewer Department about the water problems several times.  We reached out to the city but haven't heard anything back.

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