MoDOT monitors, cleans snow-packed roads following Sunday’s winter blast

TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. - Preparing ahead for winter weather the Missouri Department of Transportation management will be monitoring the road conditions 24/7.

MoDOT staff says they will have full crews out over the that means more than 200 of their trucks will be on the roads for the winter weather trying to keep you safe.

Crews say they started putting salt down Saturday night. That should help them out and they are urging drivers to stay off the roads and give them plenty of room to work.

Depending on how cold it gets, it may affect how the chemicals work on the road.

30 degrees MODOT says one pound of salt will melt about 46 pounds of ice.

However, at zero degrees a pound only melts about 4 pounds of ice.

The Missouri Department of Transportation made sure enough staff is on hand to pretreating, roads, bridges and overpasses. The urge driver to be careful

If you are headed out this morning be sure to and be sure to check road conditions and closures here at

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